To many, the Himalayas are a set of mountains housing the history of rural India, but they’re also so much more than that.

Aside from the natural spectacle, the Himalayas are shot through with the cultural diversity that is true of India as a whole. From isolated villages with their own language to temples that date back millennia, the history of India is alive and well in the people of the Himalayas.

Our hard-working locals at Adventure La are the specialists when it comes to Trekking in the Himalayas and especially Himachal Pradesh. Our team of expert local guides are seasoned professionals, with generations of experience between them. They have lived and breathed the region and there’s no better set of people to guide you through the best routes in India, whether by foot, road, raft or paraglider.

It’s because of this local knowledge, and our connection to the ecology of Himachal Pradesh, that we have made sustainment commitments to ensure that our business never harms this area that we love so much.

We, the nomads of the Himalayas look forward to the day we can welcome you to our homes with our arms, and hearts, wide open.

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What Our Community Says

  • I trekked with Adventure La team to Triund last year. My amazing experience with the team made me do a Solo Trek with them to kareri Lake as well. The guides ensured a safe and a comfortable journey for me throughout. Much skilled and experienced guides, very modest. The arrangements, the complete planning, the food quality, the tents, the sleeping arrangements was commendable. They completely ensure each traveler has a lifetime experience with them. More treks with Adventure La in the near future for sure.
    Priyanka Sekhri
  • A private trek to Triund was one of my best decisions and I don't think I could've made a better choice than Adventure La to make this trek fruitful for me! The scenery across the trail is mesmerizing. It was an adventurous travel experience with the guide being pretty helpful throughout. I can't wait to travel with these guys again. Also a big thank you to the whole team for always being so communicative.
    Nikesh Gupta
  • I just finished my Kareri Lake trek with Adventure La and it was a mesmerizing experience. I would suggest readers to try Kareri Lake trek as you would be able to explore raw Himalayas. The team at Adventure La never says "No" to client demands and manages the tour well. The team is quick, courteous and polite to respond to your queries and is always approachable. I hope the team continues to deliver such efficient services.
    Shruti Sharma
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